Hello, my name is Felix Addison and thanks for checking out my portfolio. I have been tattooing since 1998 and originally apprenticed in Osaka, Japan. While Gabriola is my home base I love to travel and will sometimes close the studio here and spend some time working as a guest artist in other studios. I am currently available on a semi-regular basis in Vancouver and Victoria. Please visit the Location page for details.


Tattoos are a highly personal art form that represent an expression of the client’s inner life on the canvas of their body, achieved through a process of collaboration between the client and artist. It is my aim to honour this process and I strive to create art with both beauty and depth on the canvas that you provide. Please see the Workflow page for more details.


My workload and scheduling availability tends to fluctuate. If you are under time constraints and wish to get work done right away I will do my best to accomodate you and prioritize your design work. Smaller tattoos can often be scheduled in quite quickly but for larger projects it is best to approach them with an appropriate amount of pre-planning.

Scheduling and pricing

During our initial consultation I’m sure you will want a cost estimation for your tattoo and I will need to know what sort of time frame you wish to work within in order to set my design priorities and schedule. For small to medium sized pieces I can usually give reasonably accurate estimates and in cases where the time involved varies considerably from the estimate given I will try to come to a fair compromise between the two.

Larger pieces that require multiple sessions can be extremely difficult to give estimates for and the best I can do is give you a ballpark idea. If you are considering commissioning a larger piece please remember that it requires considerable investment on the part of both artist and client. The design process can be intensive requiring many hours of drawing, redrawing, research, and consultation. While I require a deposit to begin a project I do not charge for my design time which constitutes the majority of my work hours. If you do not feel that you are in a position to commit to both starting and finishing a project within a mutually agreeable timeframe, while I am happy to offer you a consultation and keep your information on file, please do not ask me to start drawing your design until you feel ready to do so.

In the case of large projects it can be helpful to plan a series of sessions at regular intervals so that steady progress can be made and the project does not stagnate and become a frustration rather than a source of fulfilment.

I charge $150 an hour with a $75 minimum. A $75 deposit is required for smaller designs (pieces that can be completed in one session) and a $100 deposit for larger projects. The deposit is credited back to you on the final session of your tattoo.

The payment methods I accept are cash, cheque, and interact email transfer.